Top 2 Harvester Brands in India for Smooth Operations

The harvesters versatile machines manufactured to harvest different types of grain crops efficiently. These machines used for several operations at once like reaping, gathering, threshing and winnowing operations. 

We are here with two powerful manufacturers for the harvesters in India. These two brands provide several powerful harvesters, which are helpful for farming operations. So let’s know about them. 

Top 2 Harvester Brands in India

Following are the versatile harvester brands in India. 

Shaktiman Harvester

Shaktiman Harvester brand is one of the manufacturers of powerful machines in India. It established in 1997 by a developing farmer, late Shri Ladhubhai S. Gohil, at Rajkot, Gujarat. This company also produces sugarcane harvesters. Shaktiman Paddy Master 3776 and Shaktiman Sugarcane Harvester are the most profitable products from this company in India. 

Kartar Harvester

Kartar Harvester is the manufacturer of powerful farming machines in India. The hp range of the harvesters from this company ranges between 76 hp to 101 hp. The highest price model from this company is Kartar 4000.

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