Finding The Right Shopping Card For You

You never know when you may get a great discount or deal. An excellent shopping card is a necessity that you must own to grab the best offers without thinking twice. It is essential to understand the different essential features of a good shopping card before you get one.


A card that is widely accepted is most desirable. You should be able to use your card in the most popular outlets. When you apply for Bajaj EMI card you can rest assured that it is widely accepted in stores big and small. 

Online purchases

In modern times, busy lifestyles mean that many people prefer to shop online. Your shopping card should allow you to shop online at all outlets that accept card payments. So, you do not have to miss a deal because the online seller does not accept your card. 

Offline purchases

A card that is usable both online and offline is essential. If you happen upon a great product at your local store, just use your shopping card to buy what you desire. 

Smart features

The Bajaj Finserv card does not require that you carry a physical card on your person. In the digital world, a card must be smart and convenient. You can use your Bajaj Finserv Wallet app or authenticate your card through your mobile number. 

Secure and safe

Your chosen shopping card should be secure so that malicious people cannot misuse it. Even if you misplace your card or somebody learns your card number, it should be usable without your approval. The Bajaj EMI card authenticates transactions by using an OTP that is sent to your registered mobile number. 

Generous spending limits

A card with a high limit gives you the freedom to buy the items you need when you need them. Select a card with a high limit to have the confidence you need when you go shopping. The Bajaj EMI card allows you a loan limit of up to 4 lakhs. So, the next time there is a festival sale, you can plan your purchases without worry. 

Flexible tenure

Big purchases are affordable when you can pay them off in smaller EMI. If you can select the tenure that you are comfortable with, it becomes even more convenient. Bajaj EMI cards let you choose the repayment tenure for your purchase. So, you can pay off your Diwali purchase by the end of the year. Or, you can buy that luxury item you have been longing for and pay it in smaller instalments that will not pinch your wallet. Remember, your EMI card should make your life easier and align with your financial plans. 

Easy foreclosure

Sometimes, life hands us a streak of good luck, and we are in a position to pay off our outstanding dues in one lump sum. Many cards impose a penalty when you foreclose the amount due. Bajaj Finserv EMI cards let you foreclose your loan after six months of EMI payments at no extra charges. 

Transparency and control

Always choose a card that lets you view all facets of your transactions and statements at your convenience. Do you often misplace your card statements or forget just how much you have spent. The Bajaj EMI Card login on the app lets you view all your card details and pay your EMI online in a hassle-free manner. You have all your account details on your smart device in the palm of your hand. You do not have to rely on agencies, emails or printed statements to manage your card.

Special offers

Look for a card that offers you the maximum value for your money. Many brand partners of the Bajaj Finserv EMI card provide special discounts, especially for Bajaj customers. Additionally, Bajaj Finserv has an online EMI store that offers you a range of appliances, electronics, home furnishing, kitchen appliances, cameras, watches, toys, sports/fitness equipment and medical equipment from top brands. You can use your Bajaj EMI card at the EMI store and purchase various goods at significant discounts and special offers. 

Minimal documentation

It is frustrating to apply for a card that requires too many documents and formalities. When you apply for Bajaj EMI card, it requires minimal documentation and only asks for what is absolutely required. If you are already a customer of Bajaj, you can check your eligibility and apply for an EMI card online.

To expand your buying plans this season, apply for Bajaj EMI card and avail all the great benefits. Shop online, offline and at the Bajaj Finserv store. You do not even have to carry the physical card with you and can transact online easily with the Bajaj EMI Card login or the app. With high spending limits and flexible EMI tenures, it is the best card that allows you complete control over your repayment

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