How to Protect Yourself from Fake and Deepfake Videos

What’s New in the Deepfake Industry?

To call videos “Deepfake” is an apparent combination of the words “Deep” from “Deep Learning” with the term “Fake.” Multi-layer machine learning algorithms are used in deep learning to extract ever higher-level characteristics from raw input, which is an advanced kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Even unstructured data, like the face, may be used to teach it. You can use AI to track your bodily motions, for example.

Using a GAN, this data may be used to produce a Deepfake video (Generative Adversarial Network). Here we have another another specialised kind of AI. There are two neural networks competing to learn the properties of a training set (for example, images of faces) and then generate fresh data with the same qualities.

Using such a network, false pictures grow more realistic as they are constantly tested against a training set. As a result, Deepfake is now an even greater danger. GANs are also capable of falsifying data other than images and video. Fake voices may be created using the same Deepfake machine learning and synthesis methods. If you are blackmailed by التزييف العميق, you can contact us.

Examples of elaborate ruses

There are several well-known Deepfake instances available online. For instance, actor Jordan Peele utilised genuine footage of Barack Obama mixed with his own impression of Obama to warn people about Deepfake videos, which was released as a warning to the public. After that, he demonstrated how the two sides of the fused video appeared when they were split apart once more. What is his piece of advice? There is a need for us to analyse what we observe critically.

A video seems to show Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussing how Facebook ‘controls the future’ with stolen user data, particularly on Instagram. Just 21 seconds of his address on Russian election meddling was used to create the new video from the original. The vocal imitation, on the other hand, fell short of Jordan Peele’s Obama and revealed the truth.

However, even shoddy knockoffs may have a significant influence. Several videos purporting to show Nancy Pelosi intoxicated amassed millions of views on YouTube, but they were all fakes created by intentionally slowing down a video to make it seem as if she was mumbling. Numerous well-known women have found themselves in revenge porn, where their likenesses were morphed into pornographic photographs and videos. 

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False threats, fraud, and extortion are all forms of deep fear.

Politically motivated and personally motivated deepfake videos have been produced. However, they’re increasingly being employed in large-scale extortion and fraud schemes.

When the CEO of a British energy business received a voicemail from the head of his parent company seeking an emergency finance transfer, he was duped out of $243,000 by a Deepfake voice. Due of how plausible the false appeared, he didn’t think to double-check and instead sent the money to a third-party bank account instead. It wasn’t until his ‘boss’ sought another move that the CEO became sceptical. It was a red flag this time, but it was too late to recover the money he’d lost.

To swindle high-ranking executives in France of millions of euros, a recent scam did not employ Deepfake technology, but impersonation and painstaking replication of Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian’s office and its furniture. Gilbert Chikli, a fraudster accused of posing as a minister and extorting ransom money from affluent people and business leaders to free French captives in Syria, is now on trial. 

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