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“There’s no place like Peninsula Apartments. They are located conveniently close to public transportation and offer ample parking for those who wish to venture off on their own. The beautifully landscaped landscapes and plentiful public parks provide residents with a very convenient location to enjoy the beautiful weather in the region. Residents are treated to fantastic city living, with everything they could possibly need, plus a wealth of recreational offerings.”

Peninsula Apartments is an exciting, hip neighborhood, minutes away from fine dining, beaches, shopping, great parks, and even more! Just minutes away from the JFK /UMass train stop, hop onto the commuter rail and head to Cambridge, Orchard Road, or Somerville, just a short walk away. Take a stroll along the waterfront, walk into the city, or hop on the commuter rail to Boston, and into your luxury apartment. Enjoy your luxury apartment home, complete with high-class finishes and state-of-the-art features. Residents are treated to plenty of perks.”

“The proximity to many different kinds of shops, restaurants, and other activities is reason enough to rent a private apartment in Peninsula. It is only a short walking distance to all the city’s best attractions, such as the Science Museum, the Boston Children’s Museum, the Charles River Conservatory, the Charles Plaza, the Museum of Tea, & Coffee, as well as the Franklin Park Zoo and the Charles River Greenway. The peninsula’s proximity to all these kinds of businesses is further enhanced by the fact that many of its apartments and townhouses sit just steps away from public transportation, which makes it convenient to go to any of them without having to worry about driving or using the stairs. In addition, the nearby state park is only a short walking distance from most of the apartments. Renting a spacious private residence in this part of the city is truly an excellent value.”

With so much nearby, what else could a potential resident want? In addition to all the great places to eat, shop, or walk to enjoyment, what else is there? “A few more things to enjoy while in the Peninsula would include the Charles River Trail, a footpath along the Back Bay that winds around the peninsula’s edge,” writes Matt Taylor in his fascinating book Walking Places. “Being able to walk under the bridges over the Charles River gives you a breathtaking view of the city. And if you’re in for some quiet time, you should consider staying at one of the many secluded cabins in the area.”

What better way to enjoy the natural beauty of the peninsula than to live in some of its finest luxury apartments? The luxury living experience starts with the quality of the interior design. With a large number of parks and outdoor venues, including a pond and fountains, as well as several beaches, Peninsula offers something for everyone. “It’s easy to see why the interior design of the peninsula is so exceptional,” says Matt Taylor. “There are gorgeous views, beautiful parks, and a number of beautiful gardens to explore.”

Many of the luxury apartments in the city of Boston are within walking distance of some of the most beautiful sites, including the Science Museum, the Boston Common, the Endicott Estate, the John Hancock Tower, and a host of parks. Living in one of the peninsula’s apartments offers similar proximity. “But with even more charm comes even closer proximity to all these interesting sites, including the Charles River,” continues Matt Taylor. And with transportation right within walking distance, you never have to worry about missing anything.

With so much nearby, what could be better? However, one thing that could help is the availability of the city’s best restaurants. Many of the peninsula’s luxury apartments feature a great selection of fine dining restaurants. Boston’s restaurants have garnered awards from some of the country’s top establishments, including worlds renowned chef critics. If you are looking for fine cuisine from any corner of the world, you won’t have a difficult time finding it in Boston.

Another way to keep in tune with the times is to stay in one of the many modern peninsula hotels. Many hotels are located near iconic destinations like the Endicott Estate, where you can take in some beautiful spring flowers. Once you get past your first morning, however, you’ll soon find yourself craving a delicious meal as you explore all of Boston’s cultural attractions, shops, gardens, and museums. The hotel staff will help you plan your next trip to the city while offering complimentary shuttle service to and from your favorite destinations.

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