Liberty Tax Service Franchise Review

Liberty Tax Service accounts for quick preparation of income tax accounts. It is a complete computerized tax statement preparation and online filing service that comes with a money back guarantee. As part of its income tax services, this company is also engaged in advising clients on, auditing, reviews and recommendations for investments in matters of mitigating tax obligations. The company bears full responsibility for initiating a tax refund.

Liberty Tax Service offers some premium services to provide 100% customer assistance. These relate to informing customers of the various tax incentives appropriate to individuals, preparing returns, submitting returns, and getting refunds.

Attractive Features of Freedom Tax Service

To value customers’ trust, the first attraction factor is year-round service. Clients feel they are on the right track of direction regarding their potential tax obligations with our free consultation. This is supported by the help in the case of an IRS audit of returns, which in itself provides very great confidence for the taxpayer. Not only does it stop with Liberty being valuable during an IRS audit, but the company also assists clients in subsequent correspondence with the IRS. Customers can get free copies of tax return documents. Above all, with all the seriousness in customer service, Liberty Tax Service guarantees customer satisfaction. For any reason of customer dissatisfaction, there is a permanent obligation to return the tax return preparation fee.

Freedom Tax Service Franchise Benefits

Today, it is a rapidly growing tax preparation company with an international reputation for the automatic trust of clients. This kind of unwavering trust has been built with great care in serving clients for over 10 years in the service industry since it started in 1997 in Canada. The company is also known to provide services other than tax preparations. These services include making a payment calculator that allows deduction of the tax amount; Tax interviews to evaluate aspects of incentives that may be applicable in individual cases to obtain maximum tax benefits, work out possible adjustments to the maximum extent and more with respect to bank credits and loans.

Span Of Liberty Tax Service Franchise

The Liberty Tax Service franchise jumped from 1,727 in 2006 to 2,664 in 2009 in the US market. Canadian franchises have remained at 275 since 2006. There is still plenty of room to expand the franchise network in the United States and the company is interested in all regions with a population of 30,000. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the target foreign countries for franchise operations.


The required investment is $56,800 and more. For an ongoing franchise period, the company charges a fee of $40,000. However, royalty fees vary with respect to the type of service involved. It would be required to maintain cash flow of up to $50,000.

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