Buying a Character Home – Heritage Home

The latest craze seems to be the purchase of an older home, also known as a character home or heritage home. The integrity of these houses has been criticized. And when it comes to health issues, these older homes are a hotbed of trouble. Many of the building codes have changed over the years for the safety and health of the people who live in them. These homes are almost a specialized market in the housing industry. These homes can start from relatively cheap to outrageously expensive. And the renovation possibilities with these homes are endless. You should research these homes before purchasing because it can be costly to bring them up to code and there may be city restrictions on keeping these homes in original looking condition LLC.

Before you sign on the dotted line for one of these houses, you should have it thoroughly inspected. You need to make sure the flooring is solid so that it doesn’t fall off when you walk through the door This inspection should definitely include the foundation of the house. Make sure the inspector looks for signs of deterioration and / or water damage.

Now we have all heard of lead poisoning. These older homes are often plastered with lead paint. They also used lead pipes for the plumbing of these old houses. Lead can be extremely dangerous to a person or an animal, especially if it is in its central environment. Another major health concern in these older homes is the potential for asbestos to be used. Asbestos was used for roof tiles and for insulation. Asbestos removal should take priority in the removal process above all else. However, keep in mind that a specialized contractor will be needed to remove asbestos from your home. In the end, if you are vigilant and cautious, you should have a very strong investment.

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