Selecting the best suspension air compressor

Air spring suspension systems are commonly seen feature in modern vehicles, especially in some luxury cars. An air ride suspension system contains several components to ensure its proper performance. Among these automobile parts, an air compressor is one of the most essential ones. Once you have a failing compressor, you had better replace it with a new one. If you have no idea where to find an onboard air compressor for your car, check out. This company is a reliable supplier of all sorts of air suspension solutions for consumers around the world.

What is an air compressor? What does an air suspension compressor do?

The core element of an air ride suspension system is the air compressor. An air compressor is a tool that sucks air in and provides the whole system with the power it needs to function well. Air compressors manage the pressurization and depressurization of air. It means that the overall air bag suspension system can not operate without a working air compressor.  

what does an air compressor do

What will happen if air ride compressors break down? 

A failing suspension compressor will eventually lead to the failure of the entire air bag suspension system. As a result, you will not have a suspension system inside your car. That is a terrible situation since the air suspension system ensures you a comfortable ride. Without it, you are definitely going to experience a horrible journey.

What kind of air compressor should I choose?

With all sorts of options out there, you may feel overwhelmed about which compressor will fit your car. In fact, many factors together affect the choice you should make. For example, the brand, year, and model of your vehicle. And also what you expect from the suspension compressor. Here are some tips for how to choose the correct air suspension compressor.

  • A wireless system or an analog setup? 

A wireless device offers some additional advantages of giving you control of your car from a long distance without air lines. 

But an analog system attached to the cab of your car enables you to fill and release the pressurized air in the air bags by pressing a little button. In your vehicle, you’ll find a gauge that connects the air lines to the compressor.

  • A single-path or a dual-path design?

If you carry a load that’s distributed equally, a single-path suspension compressor setup is good for you. It will allow you to absorb and release the air bags on both sides (left and right) at the same speed and level. 

However, you should choose a dual-path compressor system if you usually have more loads on one side. With the dual air compressors, you can fill and let out the air in different volumes for each side. It is impossible to achieve that with only one compressor installed.

  • Decide whether you want a regular or heavy-duty compressor.

For those who use compressors frequently, a heavy-duty compressor is an ideal option.

Dual air bag suspension compressors for a backup plan

Compressors are fundamental to any air suspension system. A compressor fills the tank with pressurized air that is then used to fill every air bag on the car. If you want to reduce the time it takes to fill your air tank, a double compressor design is a fantastic way to go. Featuring two compressors also means you will always have a backup in case one of your compressors quits. It is a lifesaver, especially in emergencies. 

How do I know what type of compressor I need?

Do I need a 12v compressor for air suspension installed in my car? If not, how do I know what type of compressor to buy?

  1. What kind of loads do you carry? 
  2. How often do you use it?
  3. Which sort of controller do you prefer?

Before selecting air compressors for replacement, answer these questions. Then you would find out what type of air bag suspension compressor works best for your car.

How do I know which solution is best for me?

The best air ride compressor kits all come in the same characteristics. 

  1. A built-in air dryer.
  2. Costs less time and money. 
  3. Proper torque specifications.
  4. Strict quality control methods.
  5. Low noise and minimum vibration.
  6. Meets or Surpasses OEM standards.
  7. Reliable quality and sophisticated function.
  8. The whole design is compact and light-weighted. 
  9. Re-create the experience of driving a brand-new vehicle.
  10. During the development phase, all units are put to road tests.
  11. Every component has the same OEM angle and measurements.
  12. A direct-fit replacement solution with exact OEM specifications without modifications or adjustment of any kind. (This is perfect if you want to DIY.)

Can I still drive my car with the air ride suspension compressor out?

No. The car is still working with the air compressor out. However, driving without a properly functioning air suspension system is dangerous. On the other hand, it will be uncomfortable. 

don't drive without an air compressor

How to force the air suspension compressor to turn on in Lincoln town car?

We suggest you not force the suspension compressor to turn on in your vehicle. If no response is shown when you turn it on, something must be wrong with it. Air ride compressors could be broken because of excessive moisture buildup. If the air dryer is not in good functioning order, this could happen. In this case, forcing it to turn on is not wise. Even if it turns on, it is not safe to drive at all. The best solution for you is to have a professional figure out what the problem is. 


A built-in air ride suspension compressor is a device that modifies the air pressure in the air springs of your air bag suspension system. By pushing a button, you can control the air pressure inside of it. As a result, your car could effortlessly adapt to its loads and adjust the ride height accordingly. When towing heavy loads, this is definitely beneficial. After all, it is vital to choose the right type of air compressor for your specific needs.

Encountering any problems with the air suspension system or air ride compressors, feel free to contact Vigor Air Suspensions. They will provide you with some appropriate answers for sure.

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