DrChrono And How it Helps With Medication Management

Like all other fields of work, medical practice is also a challenging field that needs dedication and consistency. To make your clinical procedures more interactive and personalized, you need a helping hand that you can get in the form of an EHR platform. Although, as you know, these service providers work by digitizing your workflow, it will enable you to spend productive time with patients during their visits. 

If you are in search of a solid EHR, DrChrono puts an end to your miseries. Being a reliable platform, it will cater to all needs of physicians to streamline their workflow. This post has valuable information and will serve as an optimal guide about significant perks and unique features you may need to know before incorporating it in your clinic. 

About DrChrono EHR

DrChrono is a noteworthy platform that provides solutions for electronic health, medical billing, and practice management. It was created back in 2009 by Michael Nusimow and Daniel Kivatinos, focusing solely on lessening the hardships of practitioners by putting forward ideal solutions for existing problems of healthcare systems.

It comes with a bundle of tools and services to automate administrative tasks to help clinical staff get done with tiring tasks in a breeze with enthusiasm instead of doing them manually. Keeping in mind all aspects of healthcare from both private practitioners and enterprise healthcare facilities, helps them prosper, and it is evident through favorable highlights in DrChrono’s review section.

This cloud-based platform features exclusive services to handle outsourced billing processes, revenue cycles, and financial tasks. By using an all-in-one integrated software like this, physicians carry out all their operations with minimal chances of errors. Above all, it enables data access and data sharing through a secured network and keeps patients updated about their tests results and progress. 

Why are Practices biased for DrChrono EHR?

Client satisfaction is paramount to sustaining practices and strengthening client experience. This is what DrChrono offers for a wide range of specialized practices without any discrimination. Its services are equally suited for small to large-sized specialties. This comprehensive platform comes with a smooth learning curve, and this is what physicians like about it; staff can readily learn how it functions properly by watching short tutorials.

DrChrono’s official mobile partnership with Apple is worth mentioning. It is the first platform to offer a high-end native mobile app and creates a friendly yet professional environment for medical professionals; that is why millions of patients and physicians are actively using its services. Its seamless compatibility with iPad and iPhone results in enhanced efficiency by keeping patients up-to-date with their progress even on the go. 

Unlike other vendors, it allows meaningful conversations among physicians and patients while maintaining patient confidentiality. So, patients can connect with their physicians through mobile apps. It also enables patients to view their charts, progress notes, and doctors can even share data, including vitals monitoring and lab reports, securely, making care delivery better and advanced. 

It strikes the optimal balance by allowing physicians to manage their clinical workflow while helping them to maintain a robust online presence. These days practice’s visibility is a key to determine its excellence. DrChrono’s team also helps with that by guiding physicians on optimizing websites by incorporating a friendly interface combined with quick loading time for patients to retain clients. In short, it aims for effective websites to convert clicks into clients to secure upstanding patient volume. 

Besides that, DrChrono EMR encompasses many unique features for clients to convince them. That it is a suitable pick for them. So, let’s move on to the interesting part now. 

Beneficial Features of DrChrono EHR

Here we will discuss productive features this software offers for doctors and patients. That earned it a well-known reputation in the healthcare industry. However, before jumping into it, you should know that you can request a demo. Demo to gain a practical insight into how its tools and services work. 

Effective front end management

Handling day-to-day operational and administrative tasks are quite bothersome for the clinic’s staff and even more difficult for solo practitioners. But DrChrono helps with that by offering first-hand tools to such tasks like; It manages appointment schedules with its superficial scheduling capabilities fastens the data entry process with its voice recognition tool and many more. Furthermore, if we look at it from a financial perspective. It effortlessly handles patient check-ins, claims submissions, and compliance offers with its one-in-a-kind RCM solution. 

Endless connectivity

Along with digitizing physicians’ workflow, it supports remote patient treatment through its intuitive telehealth functionality. With this HIPAA-compliant platform, physicians can get accustomed to TeleVisits or video visits fearlessly. Conduct online treatment, e-prescribe medication afterward. And upload test results for patients on the patient portal to make work routine more manageable and convenient. As it is integrated with the EHR solution. It allows doctors to use the quick charting feature too during patient visits for editing patient charts to add necessary points with minimal disruption. 

Controlled prescription medication

Prescribing proper medication is the most critical part of running a fruitful practice. DrChrono reviews back its prescription management feature; its official website clearly shows how physicians praise its controlled drug dosage. And, other e-prescription features like sending prescriptions directly to clients’ preferred pharmacies. Moreover, while filling prescriptions, it ensures no drug abuse by providing utmost patient’s medical history visibility to doctors. Besides, unlike traditional EHR vendors, this software is compliant with DEA, NIST, and subscription requirements. 

Pricing Structure of DrChrono EHR

DrChrono pricing plans are not made publicly available; you have to send a request to know the current prices of its plans. But it offers four different pricing packages: Prometheus, Hippocrates, Apollo, and Apollo-Plus. 

All these packages vary as per the number and types of features offered. For example, its basic plan Prometheus covers essential EHR services. But, if we move to its exclusive plan Apollo-Plus. It is a full-fledged program that bundles EHR with a pro-medical billing system. 

All-in-all, it offers variant programs so physicians can select the one that suits them and, most importantly, fits their budget. 

Conclusion about DrChrono

DrChrono’s easy learning curve is why users go for it. As all they need is software to make life easier for them. With its exclusive medication services. You can boost your clinical efficiency by providing patients with the level of care they deserve.

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