Hospitals and usage of different types of doors

It has been observed that hospitals are the big customer for the doors and windows manufacturing companies like

Cortech because in hospitals many kinds of doors and windows use with different styles, materials, colors,

and purposes. So, for the hospitals, this is also mandatory to select a good vendor who can supply and entertain all the

desire requirement in the given time like the @Cortech, so let’s take a view inside the hospital to understand

the categories of doors they use.

Entrance doors

The entrance of the hospital mostly needs an automatic door for quick in and out, it works with the sensing

the body and it is also good to control the internal temperature as well, but that door quality needs to select

very smartly with Cortech as it needs to face the storm, hurricanes, and other kinds of high forces by the nature.

Emergency exit doors

The doors at the emergency exit are normally in hospital use with the rotatory function or the full open function

which is mostly open by the staff in case of any emergency because automatic can hurt the public in case of heavy


Doors for ICU and CCU

The doors at the ICU and CCU mostly are dual-automatic which can function as automatic and manual as well

depends on the requirement and condition of patients mostly, they are soundproof with easy handling and in

that area’s material quality and proper functioning of the door matters a lot. As that both rooms are highly sensitive rooms

in which no sound will be acceptable because the patient who is already in bad condition can’t resist the sound of

the door opening and closing and if its lock, it creates also a big issue which is horrible for the whole hospital so

any kind of ignorance in it cause a big problem.

Emergency area doors

The doors at the emergency entrances are light in weight and easy to move with manual operation due to high in

and out movement required in that area because of direct interaction with patients and their attendants so

the experts only know better for which location which door is best like Cortech.

Secured room doors

For the extra secured room where normal staff and the public are not allowed for that extra strong doors and

the better lock function is mandatory because of the security concerns so the requirement again is based on the

vendor fulfillment and for that area, expert Cortech is the best option.

Warehouse doors

For the warehouses where both kinds of medicine are available which need cold storage and darkroom at other

side need normal temperatures so in both areas, the doors and their functions are almost the same but the quality

and material are different because some doors need to use in cold storage and some need to use in the normal

storage. Both are fully functionally locked where only authorized labor and staff are allowed for a particular time in

the particular areas.

Inhouse pharmacy doors

The inhouse pharmacy doors are much stronger because of security and theft issues this has additional security

within the door which controls the access who are allowed to go in and who is not, the authorized personal only is the main

the function of that door could be worked on the basis of a password as well.

Laboratory doors

The laboratory area where many machines and chemicals are doing the process in that area without

permission personal commonly not allowed, the only authorized personal allow because of chemicals and radiations

so for that special material used in the door which has no negative impact in contact with the radiations.

General ward doors

The general ward doors are the common door which normally used in the OPDs and combine patient rooms

with normal wooden material and normal manual lock the fixing need to focus as the usage of that doors are too

high so for that expert Cortech involvement is mandatory.

Patient protective privacy doors

In many hospitals the paramedical staff use semi-emergency room for patient bandages and other private work

that room use when the emergency is full and some low-level emergency need treatment and feel shy in front of

the public. In that rooms, doors are easy to slide for opening and closing but the material of door use is a blur for vision

from that door, no one can view what happened inside the room so this is also the special type door by the Cortech.

High traffic area canteen doors

Mostly the canteen area for the patients is attached with the kitchen where only limited staff and authorized staff

are allowed due to hygiene and safety reasons so in those areas multiple types of doors are used some are

fully-controlled locks and some are sliding manual control based on experts’ advice like Cortech.

Common and waiting area doors

The common and waiting area doors selection is based on the appearance and look of the location because it does

involve a technical approach in that hospitals use different approaches some use sliding; some use normal doors and

some use rotatory doors which are advised by Cortech.

General or doctor room door

In the hospital, general and doctors’ rooms are locked with the good quality door with the normal locking function as

this room is for the doctors and their discussions where normal public not allowed so the material is also normal and

locking also because as per Cortech expert advice no need for special dooring.

Account & finance room

In that department of the hospital where billing and financial matters transactions are at their peak so here

mostly hospital used specially authorized doors with full security and lock where no any unauthorized and

an irrelevant person permitted inside the premises, as in this area cash handling also took place so the security grade is

on top by the Cortech experts.


In view of the above, we can say that different qualities of doors can only be best defined by the experts like Cortech,

so it’s better to hire experts rather than to go with self-selection.

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