Home Security Myths You Never Knew About

In this article, we will discuss 15 myths about family safety and uncover the truth behind them. We hope that by clarifying the facts necessary for a better security system in your area, you can take steps to prevent criminals from protecting your privacy, such as a video surveillance camera, security camera, or alarm.

The truth is very different from most myths!

Home security is expensive

The idea of ​​installing a security system scares many people because it can be expensive. A Safety.com survey examined the factors that prevent homeowners from buying home insurance and found that 33% of people believe that lack of affordability is a major barrier to their having this type of home system.

The fact is that there are many levels of home security to choose from. From simple to advanced, there are many options to keep you on your budget.

At the low end, there is a surveillance camera like a bell tower. They are easy to install, have internet access you can access through the app, and have no monthly updates. The next step will be the surveillance security system from companies like ADT. To save money, you have to pay for the installation as well as the monthly maintenance fee, but you can get the benefits of a simple camera, game, and carbon monoxide sensor, which is checked 24/7.

High security is something I like to consider investing in the safety and security of your family and home. High-security screens and doors can be expensive, but they offer many advantages. For starters, they have no money to replicate over and over again, and they have a lifetime warranty. Second, these are the only products on the market that can prevent entry. The technology in these stencil mirrors can block entrants at the door, while the camera can record the location of your broken home. Companies like Security Plus customize every screen you order, so they can fit any size opening and fit into any type of home or business.

Home security is quite technical

When you are thinking of a home safety system, are you thinking of plugging in old wiring and cutting walls? Modern air-conditioning technology makes it easy for homeowners of all ages to use. All applications can be submitted to the same site by a professional on the day of ordering! The only thing left during this installation is an Ethernet cable, which will connect directly to your router or modem in your home, so everything can work without any problems without any additional functionality on behalf of the customer.

There has never been a global connection, which is why many mobile systems are coming. The app allows you to install or remove your home security system anywhere at your fingertips! You can also monitor distances such as motion sensors and thermostats — while keeping yourself cool at night.

Rural areas are safe

Based on the 2013 study, unlike what we know today, this idea has been around for years. It is now known that crime rates are 20% higher than in urban areas. Compared to urban areas, rural areas are more attractive and larger buildings are a big goal.

Home alarm system cannot stop crime

Modern criminals are not fools. They know that the security system code means they can be arrested. Generally speaking, thieves are looking for simple housing and businesses in which there are no security systems or suspects installed. Their goal is to get in and out of the house as soon as possible. If they arrive it will take more than 60 seconds, they will continue to pursue different goals.

All safety routes require long-term contracts

Yes, there are many companies that need long-term contracts, but there are also many companies that need to sign contracts on a monthly basis. There is no need to sign a contract, you can cancel at any time, and then take your system or any unarmed guard services with you when you move. This plan is suitable for homeowners.

Another option mentioned earlier is to install a security screen on your gateway. These do not require agreement. You just need to install them and you can enjoy long life safety.

Criminals use high-tech anti-theft devices

This is a creation — we all know what will happen in the film. Thieves use different gadgets, they usually have standards, okay? Well, I came here to tell you that a lot of thieves are irrational, irrational, and go for trouble, not remembering what kind of behavior they might be. ! This makes them more fearful because there is not much motivation behind what they are doing; these criminals can be anything at any time, which means that the simple security system is not perfect when this type of threat is unparalleled.

Home security is not the landlord’s choice

As we mentioned above, there are many systems in the market that are good for buyers. This device is easy to install and can be transferred from one building to another without a long-term contract. Providers such as the ring safety system also offer a sample plan of about $ 10 per month. With so many options, and most of them having no air, installing or removing the headphones is airtight.

Thieves will not raid your home often

If thieves succeed, they will continue to steal. They know that next time will not be so difficult, that it may get more value than this time because nothing can stop them from coming back to other efforts in the future.

Theft can happen only at night

When you think of thieves, do you remember secrets and quiet? Well, it turns out they don’t go out at night. The vast majority (more than four quarters) of the daily burglary! Especially because so many people work or go to school these days — which means their home may be an unexpected destination!

A perfect thief

When you think of an intruder in your home, do you think of “strangers in danger”? However, for most of us, statistics show that we are the ones who are most likely to steal. Or friends, family, neighbors, or employees such as farmers or builders working in the area. Often, these people can review you and determine your schedule, so that not only do they know the best time to strike, but also the type of product they can purchase.

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