A Mesmerizing Experience – Andharban trek

Andharban (or Black Forest) is a dense jungle near Pimpri in Maharashtra, an hour and a half from Lonavala. The Andharban Journey is an excellent rainy season, bound for the most part, and the specialty of it is the downhill trail all the way. This is the evergreen Sahyadri forest, full of mist and dreamy forests in the Tamhini Ghats.

The leaves are very dense with flowing waterfalls and stagnant ponds. You will enjoy the amazing views of the Kundalika Valley and the amazing variety of plants and animals. People also travel at night on Andharban.

Quick facts

Location: Pimpri, Tamhini Ghat, Maharashtra

Height: 2160 meters

Departure Time: Approximately 5 hours (13-mile route)

Difficulty level: Easy

Best Time for Andharban Trek

Pre-monsoon, monsoon and post-storm, i.eJune to September are the best months to enjoy the trek to Andharban. But hiking here from October to January is a good idea and, as the forest is always denser than ever, it has more and more winter fog, which gives it a mysterious, magical atmosphere.

How to Get There

The journey starts from Pimpri village in Maharashtra.


It is about 50 miles from Pimpri village. You can take a minibus or bus to Lonavala. From there you can take a minibus or bus to Pimpri Village. Rent self-driving cars if you come straight to Mumbai. Traders not from Mumbai or any other city west of Pimpri can first arrive in Pune and then from there, hire a private taxi in the town of Pimpri.


Most trains travel from Mumbai to Lonavala and Pune. Try Pune Intercity or Deccan Express and Udyan Express. If you are from the north try, Hazrat Nizamuddin Express. Most trains from South India to Mumbai stop in Pune.


You can fly to Pune, accessible from major Indian cities by plane, and take a minibus to Pimpri.

Travel Route

The trek starts from Pimpri Village in an area called Independent Point near Pimpri Dam. You can hire a local guide from there to guide you on the trail. The trip should start very early in the morning. The first climb will be lined with dense trees and dense streams of water and you will enjoy the waters below the Bira Dam. The path will take you through the top of the wall adjacent to the Pimpri dam and lead you to an open area, the front of which will be poppy fields.

You will get to enjoy the amazing views of the Kundalika valley here. Gradually you will plunge into the darkness of the forest behind a few lanes of waves. You can stop at Birdi Valley for a short break. After that the descent begins on the road to Konkan.

Return to Journey

In the past village of Birdi, you will be walking on the soft ground with the water behind Bira Dam. After crossing the river, you will begin to reach the village of Patnus. There are restaurants and accommodations where you can relax or stay up all night. Alternatively, you can proceed to Pune, Lonavala or Mumbai. If you rent a minibus all day, ask the driver to pick you up at Bira Dam EndPoint.


You can stay in one of the rooms in the Patnus area or enjoy a night camping or camping by the lake at the Dam. Alternatively, you can return to Lonavala or Pune and get a variety of budget accommodation with hotels starting from Rs. 1200 to Rs. There are many forest lodges and recreation areas near Andharban.


Eat a full breakfast in Pune, Lonavala, or Mumbai, in any city you travel to. If you come from the Pune side, you can stop at Molshi before Pimpri and enjoy true Maharashtrian food at nearby dhabas, especially Dream Land or the Basho restaurant.

If you come from Lonavala, you will find many restaurants and news on the highway. However, Pimpri has many restaurants that you can eat there.

Places of Interest

Attractions in Tamhini

Explore Tamhini Falls, Plus Valley Trek, Daikundi Waterfall and Hemant Waterfall, a few kilometers from Pimpri, as well as Tamhini Ghat View Point and Tamhini Hill Top.

Extinction in Kundalika

About 10 to 15 kilometers from Tamhini Ghat, you can go and save water on the Kundalika River. As it is a jungle trek, 

Andharban offers views of plants and animals, with several species of birds to be seen, such as chaatak, Malabar whistling thrush, kingfishers, and minivets among many others. The Indian Giant squirrel has been spotted in the area, though sightings are rare.

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Within two hours from the town of Pimpri, you can explore the majestic and luxurious landscapes of Lavasa or try various recreational activities such as ziplining, swimming, lacemaking, and jet skiing. Also, check out Temghar Dam.


Between Lonavala and Pimpri route, you can explore amazing places like Sudhagad Lake and Takmak Point, Ekole Valley View, Morgiri Fort, Shivling Point, Korigad, Anghai Fort, Thanale Caves, Sarasgad Fort, Tung Fort, Lonavala Lake Waterfall, Bushi Dam, Lohagad -Fort, Kune Falls and Borghat.

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