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What’s the Best Water for Preparing Baby Formula?

By offering the highest-quality baby formulas, Little Bundle raises the bar on child nutrition. However, selecting the right product is only half of the equation. After you’ve chosen the best formula for your baby, you’ll need to prepare the formula. The following is an important question that parents ask us when they reach this stage. 

In what form should baby formula be prepared?

You will learn what water to use for your formula and how to prepare it from this guide.

The Best Water for Your Baby’s Formula

No matter what your water source is, always boil water before adding it to infant formula. In this way, harmful bacteria found in water or formula powder will be killed while the remaining minerals will be retained.

Tap Water

Water from the tap is an easy, safe option, provided it has not been sitting out before use. Tap water is usually fluoridated to prevent tooth decay. Too much fluoride, however, can cause enamel fluorosis in children, which causes white streaks on their teeth. 

Fluoride levels in your water should also be below 0.7 mg per liter. Find out more about the safety and quality of the water in your area by calling your city or entering your zip code here. 

Bottled Water 

When you are out and about or do not have access to other options, bottled water can be useful for mixing with formula. Travelers who don’t know the safety of the local water supply can benefit from this app as well. When buying baby bottle water, make sure that it has no more than 200 mg of sodium (per liter) and no more than 250 mg of sulfate (per liter).

Filtered Water (And How to Filter It)

In addition, you can use filtered water in your baby’s formula. There are many water pitchers available with quick water filtration systems. Keep your water pure by changing the filter as prescribed by the product. 

There are different types of filtration systems that filter different contaminants. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) offers this beautiful graphic to help you determine which type of filter best suits your needs. 

Steps to Prepare Baby Formula

The next step is to prepare the formula in a safe and reliable way based on the water source you selected based on your specific situation. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Boiling the Water

Sterilize all equipment and wash your hands first. Ensure there are no contaminants by bringing one quart (approximately one liter) of water to a rolling boil for one minute. Before mixing, let the water cool to at least 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2: Mixing the Formula

It is essential that you always closely follow instructions on the packaging of your formula. Boiling water should be added to a bottle after it has cooled. After that, add the corresponding amount of formula powder using the scoop included in the package. You can use this Formula Feeding Chart to determine how much water or formula powder to use in your baby’s bottle at various stages of growth. 

Put the nipple and lid on the bottle and shake for about 15 seconds to dissolve the powder. Make sure the formula has cooled to around body temperature (98.6°F) before handing it to your baby. 

Test your wrist’s temperature by putting a few drops on it. There shouldn’t be any burning sensation. After it has cooled, feed your child.

Step 3: Storing Prepared Formula

Nevertheless, you can prepare formula and then store it to give your baby later if you follow these guidelines:

  • An open bottle should not be left out for more than two hours at room temperature.
  • A bottle can be kept cool or iced for four hours. 
  • A bottle can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours. 
  • Formula must never be frozen after preparation. 

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