We live in a world where everyone wants to be the best at what they do. Any competition should be eliminated and needs should be met. Products should be designed to meet the demand of the audience by being convenient.

Now the number of people who use Microsoft windows is increasing. Some of the students really need online thesis writing services – The Research Guardian, So Microsoft considered introducing a fresh OS-designed windows update, the Windows 11. This update caters to the requirements of working from home. It also caters to the new generation who have or are growing up with smartphones and tablets as their main computers. Users of Windows 10 will get a free upgrade to Windows 11. The release of it may be staggered and some users may not get the update till 2022.

The reasons for introducing Microsoft Windows 11 are as follows:

Visual Improvements:

Microsoft’s biggest competitor as of now is Apple. With the growing popularity of iMac’s interface, it is not a surprise that Microsoft would create something similar. After all, they need to please their existing users and attract new ones.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 brings a brand new, more Mac-like interface to the OS. It incorporates a clean design with rounded corners and pastel colors. The start menu can also move to the center of the screen along with the taskbar. You are given an option to move it back to the left as they are in Windows 10.

Android Apps Integration:

In Windows 10 and other old updates, users could not gain direct access to android apps. Many people looked down on Microsoft for this reason. Students and workers did not want to use Microsoft Windows. This is because to use the android apps they had to use a remote. The remote is available in Samsung Galaxy phones.

it is a problem because quite a lot of students uses iPhones. Other ways to access the apps also consumed more time and use other devices which one may not have. So in the newest windows update, Microsoft is going to solve this problem.

They will be introducing android apps in Microsoft Stores via Amazon Appstore. Finally, Windows users will get what they were waiting for. This will mark as another move towards the merging of mobile and laptop devices.

Better Virtual PC Support:

The hybrid working and learning have made things more difficult especially for IT. Users have to work and learn from different locations, and they may have to work or learn on different devices. What IT needed from an operating system for this new world of hybrid work and learning is more simplicity.

Many people feel inclined to use Macs because of its good virtual desktop support. To make the Windows users feel the same way, Microsoft wanted to introduce something alike. They are going to do that by releasing Windows 11.

Windows 11 will let the users set a virtual desktop in a more similar way to Macs. Users can toggle between numerous desktops at once for personal, work, educational, or gaming purposes. In Windows 10, this was more difficult to set up and use.

What Can Be Done With Better Virtual Support In Windows 11?

  • Using a PC at different places
  • Rename the virtual desktops.
  • Choosing different backgrounds for separate desktops.

Effortless Transition From Monitor To Laptop:

In Windows 10, users found it difficult to group different sets of windows and apps. Students and workers had to put an extra effort just to collect them in one place. This disturbed their workflow.

Therefore Microsoft has planned to release Windows 11 to solve their problem. Windows 11 includes a feature that is known as “Snap Layouts and Snap Groups”. This feature allows the users to better organize the apps they are using simultaneously. It does so by grouping all of them together.

For Example:

 If a student is searching for Online Thesis services and has various websites open, related to the research. With snap layouts and groups he can keep all the information fittingly organized on his screen. To utilize them the student has to:

  1. Hover his mouse on the maximize button.
  2. Choose the layout that he likes
  3. Click on the zone in that layout to snap the window into place. For example, he can group four open windows in a square pattern.

Better Online Meeting Experience:

More and more users are attending online meetings these days because of the pandemic. Students are learning in virtual classrooms and business meetings are also held online.

A better online meeting experience is important for online businesses. It is also important for students who make an animated logo or any other meetings held virtually. This is because the existence of such businesses and services is only on the internet. So users need to hold meetings with their clients or service providers online.

Knowing this Microsoft wanted to give its users a better virtual meeting experience. Windows 11 has made deeper integration with collaboration with applications like Microsoft Teams. This makes it easier for users to mute or unmute their mic. They can also share their screens or any single app throughout the meeting directly from the desktop bar.

Enhanced Features:

One of the user demographics of Microsoft is children. The new enhancements in Windows 11 not only make the lives of adults easy but are also children-friendly. These enhancements can be seen in touchscreen, voice, and pen support.

For example:

If a student is facing difficulty with typing during a study session in a virtual classroom. He can use his voice to type instead of using his fingers. For this, he has to use the voice command feature. He can also write in almost any app using the digital pen feature.

These features can be used by all the students regardless of their learning preferences and ability. They can easily get access to educational material on their own. This will boosts students’ self-confidence and sense of urgency. Moreover, it enables teachers to personalize learning for all students. This makes the online learning experience better.

Advance Security:

In this day and age, nothing is more important than being secure. In the environment of complex cybersecurity, users need a platform that evolves to address the changing threats. This is more essential now when the users are moving across the various network, applications, and devices.

Microsoft understands its user’s concerns. That is why Windows 11 is Zero Trust ready and secured by design. By introducing their new built-in security technologies, Microsoft adds protection from the chip to the cloud. Main security features like hardware-based isolation, encryption, and malware prevention are switched on automatically. Windows 11 has also made it easier to go passwordless because it has simplified the steps to use Windows Hello for business.

Microsoft has made it easy for parents to monitor their children through windows 11 as well. Windows 11 is designed to help protect children from consuming inappropriate and malicious content by blocking such sites.


Microsoft has always been enhancing users’ overall experience of their products and services. The release of Windows 11 is yet another step that Microsoft is taking towards the betterment of users’ experience and hopefully, it will be well received by the end-users.

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