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Top 5 Tips to Choose a Neurologist in India

At times, medical conditions make it imperative to consult specialists. Your primary care doctor may recommend seeing a neurologist in case you show signs of developing neurological problems. You would want to get yourself or a loved one treated by a top neurologist in India for the sake of quality care. Choosing the right neurologist for your condition may often be difficult simply because there are plenty of neurologists out there. However, here are 5 tips on finding a reliable neurologist.

Hospital of practice

Firstly, you should consider checking out the hospitals where a neurologist offers consultation. After all, your doctor’s hospital is going to be the same hospital where you would undergo your treatment. Ideally, the hospital should have a good track record and reputation. Consider choosing a hospital that comes with sophisticated medical infrastructure for diagnosis and treatment.

Hospitals that are a part of major hospital chains are particularly great choices. In short, one should consider choosing the right hospital as crucial as picking the right doctor.


This is essentially one of the most common and important factors that any individual would check while looking for a specialist. Try to find a neurologist who has plenty of experience and a good reputation. When you undergo treatment from an experienced specialist, you may expect much better and precise care.

While looking through a neurologist’s experience, you might also want to check how much experience the neurologist has in treating your condition in particular. This would help you ensure that you are really choosing the right specialist. Two highly experienced and reputed neurologists may not be equally skilled in treating the same conditions.


Checking the credentials is a reliable way to gauge how reliable a neurologist is. First, check out the background of a neurologist, such as education and training. Esteemed specialists also earn various additional accreditations that help them stand out from the rest. In many cases, the credentials also offer valuable information of a doctor’s specialization in treating particular conditions.

Look out for any special awards that a neurologist may have earned for his/her skills in the field. This way, you can find the top specialists for treating your condition. The credentials give a comprehensive overview of a doctor’s skills, experience, dedication, and reliability.


A common way of finding healthcare specialists is to look for referrals from reliable sources. The source may be your friends, family, primary care doctor, or other individuals. Considering that the referrals come from individuals who have undergone treatment under the referred neurologist or other professionals, you are likely to find a neurologist you may trust.

If you do not have any reliable sources for referrals or simply do not get any helpful suggestions, you may check out your options yourself. First, find a reputed hospital that has a good track record in treating neurological conditions. Then, check out the list of specialists offering their services at the hospital. The web portals of the leading hospitals have a detailed listing of all the specialists. There you may also find information regarding their experience, credentials, and specialization.

Communication style

Any healthcare professional should be good at communicating with the patients. As neurological disorders are often complex, you would want to consult a doctor who can explain things in a manner that is easy to understand. Proper communicative skills also help a specialist ask the right questions and gain insights into a patient’s medical history. This ultimately leads to better diagnosis and treatment.

The doctor should show genuine interest in getting to know the patients and interact freely. However, in addition to being a good communicator, the neurologist should also be approachable. This implies that you should not face any difficulties in discussing your problems with the doctor. To be able to treat you properly, the specialist would need to know various information. The communicative skills of the doctor would not be very effective if he/she isn’t very approachable.

Other factors that you may consider

Apart from the factors that find mentioned above, you might also want to consider your gender. While some neurologists are better at treating men, some excel at treating women. Checking out reviews regarding a specialist would be a smart idea too.

It is worth putting the necessary effort into finding the top neurologist doctor in India for yourself or a loved one. After all, the patient’s health, wellness, and safety depend largely on the doctor who treats the condition. Hospitals under leading chains like Max Healthcare have top specialists from various departments, including neurology.

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