How to improve Printing Quality for Printed Boxes?

The printing quality of printed boxes determines how far they will go in marketing your products and brand. Clean, clear, and crisp images enhance their outlook while also making constructive first impressions on the customers.

Printing may seem tiresome, but it becomes a relatively more manageable process once you know the rules. Maintaining quality throughout the printing process of custom packages is not everyone’s play. Specific details need to be looked at to accomplish success in this matter. If you are struggling to improve the printing quality of your packages, this guide may help you a lot.

Slow the process:

Depending on the model, various printers operate at significantly higher speeds. For instance, the rate of digital printers is almost up to 200 sheets per minute, while that of offset printers is nearly 300 sheets per minute. To print on boxes, it is suggested to keep the speed as low as you can as the print quality is maximum at slower speeds. The faster a printer runs, the more is the probability of small fonts getting smudged?

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You may also see some trailing edges left behind on some larger images and bar codes. This would result in messy text printing, and it would become highly challenging to scan the codes correctly. While speedy printing on boxes is desirable, keeping the printing pace low would help you obtain an acceptable print quality.

Lesser heat application:

Often, the printing technologies like flexography and hot stamping are used for cardboard box printing. The key to maintaining the highest standard quality is to keep the print temperature as low as possible. If the print temperature is higher, it can cause the darkness of an image.

The night affects the design elements which are being printed on the box. For instance, the fonts may appear more bulky or distorted that can render your printed gift boxes highly unprofessional. So, when opting for the printing methods that involve the application of heat, you must go for the lowest temperature for a vibrant and perfect image.

Minimum pressure:

Some of the printers, like digital ones, use print heads to transfer the desired image onto the printed mailer boxes. The print heads usually spray, write, and drop the ink onto the paperboard. These heads are pressed with a certain pressure onto the paperboard for printing. If you want to keep up the print quality, the best way is to exert minimum stress on the printing materials with these heads. Too much exertion of pressure can lead to an unevenness that may clutter your packaging design.

Stay in the printing zone:

Whether you are going for cd cover printing or box printing, staying in the printing zone is necessary. You need to understand that all printing technologies cannot print a design or graphic right up to the edge of the paperboard. Some of them might move the paperboard up to 5mm on each side.

Not staying in the printing zone is too risky because it can easily cut away from your essential graphics. To avoid such a scenario, it is vital to follow the printing zone. Before you begin the design, you need to leave a minimum of 0.25-inch space between your bleed line and critical graphics.

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Right color model:

Another tip to uplift the quality of printed gift boxes is to select a suitable color model. You can choose from CMYK and PMS color models depending on the precise color needed for your packages. CMYK usually works best when there is a need to print some multi-colored graphics.

But, the PMS is color-specific and requires exact mixes for creating a color of your choice. It beats the CMYK color model in terms of consistency, as the shades produced are pretty similar to the ones seen in the digital design stage. The print quality depends on how well you choose between them while seeing your needs.

If you plan to package your products in custom printed boxes, you must understand the value of quality printing. Low-quality printing can make the boxes look lousy that will negatively affect the perceptions regarding your brand. Follow all these tips for quality printing and receive more credit among the masses.

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