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Think Your Belief in coffee packaging Business Is the Key to Success?

Coffee is one of the highly consumed beverages in the world. One cannot deny this fact as there is hardly anyone who starts their day without a cup of coffee. According to a survey on daily basis 1.4 million cups of coffee are consumed worldwide. The countries with cold weather mostly consume most of this amount. America alone uses 45% of this total sum. To satisfy the demand of coffee there are thousands of company and brands provide coffee, this indicated that the competition is very high in this business. We all know that coffee mostly has the same taste, but then what makes a buyer purchase it from a certain brand and not from its competitor.

Well, the answer is quite simple. What is the first thing you see when purchasing it? It’s the taste of the coffee neither is it the froth produced. Well, the first thing that catches the attention of the buyer is the packaging. That is why it is believed that packaging is the key to the success of any business. The main objective of packaging is to convey to its consumers or buyer why the product is unique and worthy of their money and time. A packaging should instantly deliver what the brand and product inside is about.

The coffee packaging is like a brand ambassador, it conveys the values and principles of your company and above all keeps the coffee fresh and preserved. It plays a key part in the marketing of your product and guarantees that the coffee reaches its customers the way they deserve. So don’t think of the packaging as a secondary item, give it the importance it is worthy of. Following points about the packaging must be looked after in order to achieve success through packaging. 

Types of bags 

There is a wide range of bags available in the market. While going through a grocery store you are likely to see five to six types of different coffee bags, present in different shapes, dimensions, and sizes. A few of such bags are: 

  • Flat bottom bags: they are the most common as well as popular bags used in the coffee packaging industry. It stands on the shelves without any assistance and makes a prominent appearance on the racks and shelves of the grocery store. The lid of the bag is usually sealed or folded in. 
  • Quad seal bag: these bags are best to hold a huge weight of coffee fillings. They can also stand on the shelves unsupported. They are the most eye-catching piece of packaging but at the same time, they are costly too. 
  • Doypack: these bags have a rounded oval-shaped bottom with an even top. These are sealed using a zip lock which keeps the coffee extremely fresh. These are the most premium type of packaging and the newest article of packaging available. 
  • Custom coffee boxes: these are made of cardboard and can be manufactured according to the desire of the company. Preferred prints can be embossed on it and a cut-out window can also be made. The desired color scheme can be used on it. 

Use of high-quality material 

The material used for these custom boxes and bags also plays a significant role. Sturdy and long-lasting material should be used to keep the coffee in its right state. The types of material mostly preferred include cardboard, corrugated, and Lenin material for boxes and aluminum and low-density polyethylene for bags. Cardboard and aluminum are light material, corrugated is stiff while Lenin and polyethylene are tough and best when it comes to transport and supplying a large amount of it. The material has temperature-resistant properties. Protecting it against hot and humid weather as well as increasing the shelf life of the product. 

Attractive printing 

A packing with vibrant and eye-catching colors is often easy to spot on the shelves. Another factor might be the uniqueness of the packaging, it makes be made unique by having features like a display window. Such printing should be used that’ll make one crave coffee not just in winters but all other seasons too. 

Coffee freshness feature 

As your coffee might have to travel a lot, being shipped to different cafes, stores, nationwide or even worldwide. It needs to remain fresh till it reached the buyer. To make this happen Modified Atmosphere Packaging is one of the options available. The best and most popular system is One-way degassing valves, which allow natural carbon dioxide of the roasted coffee to outflow without letting the freshness fade away. At the same time not letting oxygen, moisture, or light inside the packaging. 

There are several other modified atmosphere h5 packaging options available including nitrogen gas flushing, barrier packaging, scavenger, and many more. One can choose to use any of the following in coffee packaging depending on their needs. To maintain the best type of freshness all of the above can be used as well. 

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