Guide to Playing Card Boxes: Designs, Materials, and Quality

Playing card boxes are a great way to store playing cards and allow them to be easily accessible. Card playing is a popular hobby, with many people playing games like poker or bridge at home or in casinos. A playing card box makes it easy for people to find the deck they want without having to rifle through all of their cards until they find what they need.

Moreover, they’re also a great promotional tool for brands and businesses. Card boxes can be printed as effective marketing tools, but there are many different styles that you need to know about to make the right decision.

This blog post will discuss different kinds of playing card boxes in terms of designs, materials, and quality. You’ll learn how playing card packages differ from deck boxes or individual playing cards themselves. Plus, some tips for printing these boxes for maximum effectiveness in your business’s marketing strategy!

Popular Designs to Play Card Packaging Boxes

Window Boxes:

Window playing card boxes are good for those who want a bigger box than individual decks but do not have money to spend. These playing card packages come in black, gold, and silver so they will match the colors on your other cards.

You can see inside the box without opening it. Windows are at the front. You can place labels or stickers on top if you need to.

This is an amazing way to show decks of cards. You can also put posters, magnets, booklets, and more in there. Some playing card boxes are in the shape of a box. Some are rectangles. Others have a lid that flips open.

Double Deck Boxes:

Double deck playing boxes are a good choice for people who want a big box but do not want to pay for or use too much space.

These boxes are good for people who use playing cards a lot because they can fit two decks at once! They come in black and white colors, which is good because you can mix them with the color of your business without having to buy different kinds of boxes.

Two-Piece Boxes:

Another playing card box is the two-piece design that usually comes in either a hinged or sliding lid style. Playing cards boxes are made of cardboard and sometimes they have a lid. They can hold more than one deck of playing cards and keep other things like dice and counters inside too.

You can give these playing card packages to your customers. You can also print custom graphics on the outside of each section. Your customers will see that they are getting _____ when they buy it.

Finally, tuck cases give you another option for using playing card games as promotional items because many people will use their new decks at home rather than just trying to resell them right away after receiving them in this type of presentation case.

Tuck-End Boxes:

Tuck-end playing card boxes are the most common type of playing cards that you’ll find on the market.

These create animated logo are a way to store playing cards. There are two sides to this that you can take out cards from one side. They typically come in either black or white and can be used for individual decks or multiples decks packaged together.

This type of playing card package is bigger than some other styles. But it is still small enough to fit in your pocket if you want.

Suitable Materials to Adjust Quality


Playing card boxes are usually made out of cardboard because it’s sturdy, affordable and easy to work with.

For your playing card packaging, you should think about what kind of box designs you want before choosing a material. You should make sure that the product matches what you have in mind for marketing purposes while still being cost-effective.


These playing cards should be stored somewhere safe where they won’t be damaged or bent while waiting to play them, so paperboards are often used for these products as well since it is less expensive than other materials but also very durable.


Plastic playing cards should be stored in a dry place where they won’t collect dust or get damaged by other playing cards that are stacked on top of them. This playing card material is very durable and can last for years if properly taken care of while also being water-resistant to protect the playing cards from getting ruined when exposed to liquids such as spilled drinks.

Printing Playing Card Boxes: Printing Options Matter!


For printing playing card packages, one option is die-cutting (die cutting) which cuts shapes into sheets using steel rules to create crisp edges on playing cards or playing box designs. It is the most common playing card packaging option because it allows for a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to be used.

Since die-cutting requires hot-stamping foil on playing card boxes, printers need specialized equipment with unique tools that are able to cut paper into decorative items.


Alternatively, playing cards can also be manufactured by letterpress, which prints are playing cards using raised blocks inks that create an impression onto the playing card material, giving them an iridescent look while being scratch proof, so they don’t wear away over time.

Letterpress printing creates a strong impact without requiring any special materials making this method affordable as well as eco-friendly since you won’t have to worry about toxic emissions from ink or plastics wafting into your customer’s playing area.

Letterpress printing is also able to work with many different materials, such as playing cards and playing card boxes, making them a popular choice for custom playing box designs that can create an entire matching look of the game you are trying to market.

Use the technique that is suitable according to selected packaging material, business requirements, and your budget. I hope this has provided you fruitful information about the concept of play card packaging boxes. Thanks for reading this blog!

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