The Philippines Guide: Why Living in Quirino Province is Special

Are you looking for a nice, peaceful place to settle down in? Or maybe you are just asking signs from the universe if you should push through this commitment? Maybe you’re just bored and interested in this topic – well, whatever your purposes are, this article aims to convince you of why living in Quirino Province will be a special experience. 

Have you ever had those moments during your travels where you would go, “I wish I could live here forever”? I’m sure a lot of people have experienced that, especially during childhood. We never want to leave the beaches we visit, no?

Why should I visit Quirino, anyway?

That question is quite valid. Quirino Province is not really a “mainstream” spot, in that it does not rank high in those articles that list tourists attractions – most of the upper-level cities/provinces are Cebu, Palawan, Boracay, etc. Those spots always occupy the top rankings in tourist recommendations. So, if you’re looking for a place that really feels like a getaway – away from the noisy, busy sounds of Metro Manila, and isn’t filled with other tourists everywhere, then you’re in luck! Quirino province is an underrated getaway that provides you all these purposes.

So why should I stay in Quirino?

There are lots of reasons for doing so! One of which connects to my reasons above – that it’s away from the rowdy metropolitan. If you’re looking for a place to settle down in that doesn’t feel like the fast-paced lives of the city folks, then Quirino province is the one for you. Being a quiet spot in the North, it combines the cold of Tagaytay and the quietness of Bontoc.

What other reasons can you give?

If that is not enough, well, perhaps the food will get you to stay. Quirino Province houses lots of native delicacies that deserve a spot in the Philippines’ best. Some of which include Pancit Cabagan, Adobong Tateg, Tubikoy, and many more. These local dishes are exotic, hearty, and home-grown – everything the whole Quirino province stands for. 


Whatever your goals are – if you are looking for a place to settle down with your significant other, or if you are looking for a little more push in this heavy commitment, then this article hopes it gives you that extra encouragement. Quirino Province is truly not just an underrated getaway for tourists, but somewhere you can live permanently. Its away-from-the-city vibes and delicious food will surely make you want to stay, won’t it?

Photo Credit: | Landingan Viewpoint


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