How to remove bobbles on clothes?

Friction and abrasion on the garments cause the build-up of fabric fibres on clothes. These are called bobbles on clothes. Through the movement of our bodies, the fibers break and collect in areas like underarms and between legs. Bobbles on clothes also arise in the laundry process. Bobbles caused due to the movement of our bodies are not in our control. But bobbles on clothes due to laundry is under our control. if you want to remove bobbles on clothes then read this article at the end.

Washing machines and tumble dryers become the main cause of bobbles. Removal of the same becomes an important element because clothes with bobbles do not look good and give a bad impression. However, the problem is that clothes in the washing machines are exposed to friction and abrasion because they are rubbed against each other during the wash technique. The focus of the washing machine is to deep clean the clothes but often the procedure ends up creating bobbles on the clothes. But you can follow clothing care tips to give longevity to your garments.

Which are the most susceptible fabrics for bobbling?

It is difficult to say which fabrics tend to avoid bobbling because most of them are vulnerable to the problem. However, linen and silk can get rid of the problem to a great extent.

Man-made fibers have plastic in them and hence are prone to bobbling more readily and easily than natural fabrics. Man-made fibers attract bobbles like a magnet. As the clothes in the washing machine spin and tumble dry, they continue with the process of tangling together causing tight little knots. Once the washing cycle stops and you are ready to welcome your clothes, you will notice the loose fabric fibres entwined into the garments.

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So, we can only try and avoid the bobbling of clothes. But how? The article will provide you with effective tips and tricks that can help you avoid the bobbles on clothes. Alternatively, the article will also inform you about the techniques that you can easily use to get rid of the problem if your clothes have developed bobbles. So, here we go:

How to remove bobbles on clothes?

Hand wash your clothes

It is one of the easiest ways to delay or avoid the process of bobbles on clothes. Since you know by now that machine washing can easily cause bobbles on clothes; you can easily turn your back towards the washing machine when it comes to washing your favorite outfit. Hand washing can come to your rescue. It is also one of the best tips that will give longevity to your clothing and help you maintain its original look.

Though hand-washing may not sound like the best alternative to you because of your busy schedule yet it is one of the best ways to save the look of your favourite garment. But if you still have to opt for washing clothes in the washing machine, then try the following tips and tricks:

  • Wash the clothes in short washing cycles
    The lesser the clothes rub against each other in the wash cycle, the lesser is their chance to bobble. So, opt for shorter washing cycles especially for man-made fibres.
  • Wash clothes inside-out
    Washing the clothes inside-out will give the emergence of bobbles in the inside of the clothing and your right side of the garment will be saved.
  • Use a liquid detergent
    Liquid detergents are less harsher than powder detergents. Moreover, powder detergents are abrasive and can stick to the garment when it is dry. The liquid detergent will prevent the dry abrasion of the clothing.
  • Separating fabrics
    Separating the fabrics will provide a good chance for the soft fabrics to stay fresh and soft.

Air drying the clothes

When the clothes undergo the process of tumble drying, they are exposed to the highest level of abrasion and friction. You already know that bobbles on clothes are caused due to both abrasion and friction. So, why not avoid the process of tumble drying and opt for the air-drying method instead. Hanging the clothes on the racks for drying will give the clothes the best chance to be in their original condition.

Use an electric fabric shaver

Yes, you read it right. You can easily find an electric fabric shaver and use it for your bobbled cloth. You can cut the bobble at the root of the fabric and give smoothness and lint-free life to your garment. Set the electric shaver to “gentle” mode so that it can easily and softly remove the bobble from the cloth. If you do not have a specific fabric shaver, then you can opt for the household shaver as well as it is a cheaper option. Glide it softly on the bobble to ensure that the results are promising.

Use a velcro hair roller

Velcro hair rollers are great at this job and are commonly used for the purpose. It is gentler than the electric shaver but the solution is a short-term one. Moreover, it may increase the problem as it rolls on the cloth and causes abrasion.


This too can lead to good results. Though the results are short-lived, the process works fine when you are in a hurry. You can even have a DIY of this type if you do not have a lint-roller.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that the tiny bobbles on your clothes become a thing to worry about because you may not feel comfortable wearing the same garment for your favourite outing. So, you may look for tips and tricks that can help you overcome the issue and give a renewed look to your favourite piece of garment.
So, just head to the market to buy the essential items that can aid in getting rid of the problem or simply follow the washing tips that can help you avoid the situation. The techniques are within your capacity and easy to follow. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the trick that readily suits you.

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