Top 10 Easiest Indoor Plants For Your New Year’s Garden

Well, the year 2021 was a real eye-opener. While some of us put out our best efforts, others waited for it to end, and based on recent pandemic reports, the wait is still ongoing. 

Another thing it has taught us is that we all need hobbies, constructive hobbies, and work and that we must make our homes our haven on bad days. 

Let’s combine these two, and we will end up creating the best gardens. Plants are more than simply air cleansers and oxygen generators, and you don’t have to take our word for it; scientific studies show that plants make people happy by reducing stress levels in the home. Gardening is a positive pastime that allows you to channel your ideas and energies into something positive. 

Furthermore, even potting soil can assist you in managing daily stress and worry. This is due to the presence of bacteria known as “outdoorphins,” which act as natural antidepressants.

All they ask for in exchange is light, a smidgeon of water, and the opportunity to flaunt themselves in front of an audience. Nowadays you can easily order plants online and add greenery, life and freshness to your new year. 

So let’s make 2022 the year of the backyard garden.

We’ve compiled a list of indoor plants that practically grow themselves for you. Almost all indoor plants described here thrive in indirect light from windows and can withstand the harsh Indian climate. However, there may be a few unforeseen complications, such as too much water or infestations, just as man plans and God disposes. We can only conclude that underwatering is preferable to overwater and that taking preventative steps such as applying neem oil once a month will keep pests at bay. 

So, let’s get to the plants! 

Swiss Cheese Plant, Monstera Deliciosa

The current tycoon is known as the Swiss Cheese plant due to the form of its leaves. This tropical superstar comes in a variety of varieties, all of which are relatively easy to cultivate. 

They will forgive you for submerging them because they are adaptable to practically all light settings (don’t play dark room with them!). Crispy leaves, which indicate sunburn or insufficient water, and yellowing foliage, which indicate too much water, are telltale symptoms of danger for this low-maintenance charmer. But don’t worry, with a little TLC, they’ll be ready to go again.


These rapid growers come in various shapes and sizes, with over 400 types to choose from. Some are erect, while others climb and spread. Any plant parent will tell you that philodendrons are the most generous of all plants. Suitable for practically all indoor growing circumstances, these are ideal for beginners who haven’t had much luck with plants before and seasoned gardeners who want to take a break and start a philos collection. 

When the topsoil is dry, they require indirect solid sunshine and watering. Overwatering causes yellowing leaves, but there are no other significant difficulties that we can think of. Buy indoor plants online and add beauty and growth to your living space. 

The Chinese Evergreen, Aglaonema

These fresh and green, low-light plants will thrive in any room of your home as long as they are kept out of direct sunshine. They occur in a wide range of colours, from reds and pinks to white, and there are over 20 types. They prefer damp soil and thrive in humid environments. They will fill your rooms with rich green lushness if you place them in those empty nooks or halls. 

Sansevieria, often known as the Snake Plant

Snake plant, also known as mother in law’s tongue, comes in over 70 varieties with upright lance-like leaves. Don’t be misled by their modern and minimalist appearance; they’re one of the most challenging plants to kill and one of the most effective air purifiers available. 

They can grow in practically any light condition, except direct sunlight, and they take up very little space. 

Sansevierias are incredibly drought tolerant and are the most outstanding choice for folks who live on the go. Choose the most acceptable option for your location, mix it with a lovely planter. Shopping for plants online has become the new norm. This has become very convenient with various options. One can easily shop for online plants from various websites. 

Crassula Mini,  known as the Jade Plant

The lucky jade is known to bring fortune. This is the plant to have if you only have a few requirements. The crassula may be shaped to grow in specific shapes, making it a great desk plant. Give it solid indirect light and partial sun, and it will produce dense foliage of charming, rounded leaves year after year. The jade belongs to the succulent family, and it likes to be watered only when the growing medium is entirely dry.

Syngonium Mini

These hardy beauties begin small but quickly spread out, earning their name of arrowhead vine. They’re simple to care for as long as you keep them hydrated. They’re great for tabletops and climbers because they come in a variety of colours and patterns. They prefer bright indirect to low light and are an excellent choice for beginning gardeners.

Starting your kitchen garden with easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs is also a good idea for the new year. The above-mentioned plant’s options are fantastic; you can easily light up your garden with the variety of options mentioned. 

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