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For a More Creative Brain, Follow These 5 Steps!

For a More Creative Brain, Follow These 5 Steps!


Have you ever wondered how do people come up with such astounding ideas? What is it they do that makes them think like that? What goes into their thought processes? If you are curious to find out, hang in there till the end.

If you are in pursuit of searching for the best professional cover letter writing service on the internet, you would rather prefer a writer who is more creative with your assignment over someone who just sticks to the basics. Basic is bland and redundant. Creativity makes everything unique.

How Does One Define the Word “Creative”?

No one can define the word “creative”. When you define something, you contain and restrict it. How can one restrict something which itself stands for thinking out of the box? Creativity cannot be restricted, hence, the word creative cannot be too. However, one can try to put it in words. According to the scientific definition of creativity, it is an idea that is good and useful. Human brains with knowledge throughout their lives. When all this knowledge from different subjects, form connections and links, it is known as being creative.

There are also numerous myths surrounding creativity such as people believe that people are born with it or that it is something inherent that is not true. Creativity can be developed with time by taking steps that will help your brain doing so.

How to Get a Creative Brain?

 All great ideas follow a similar intellectual path, if you are able to get hold of that path then who knows, you might be the next in life to give this world a revolutionary idea. But before you do that, have a look at this list of steps to follow for a more creative brain:

Five Steps for That Creativity to Kick In

·        Learn, Learn & Learn!

As long as you don’t have any knowledge in your brain, you won’t be able to come up with a creative idea. Therefore, gather new material, enhance your knowledge. If you have to be creative in a particular task that you have been assigned, gather information about that particular topic or subject. Absorb the specific info about your topic. Once you are familiar with it and well known about the topic, you are automatically going to generate more ideas and you will be able to connect the dots.

·        Work Over What You Have Learned:

Now that you have gone through the material you gathered for your topic, work over it. If you have learned a new fact, look at it from different angles and perceptions. The next step is doing the most with the information that you have gathered in your mind, make the most of it.

·        Now Take a Break:

Step yourself away from the problem. Take a break. Now that you have gathered the info and worked your brain over it, take your mind off of it completely. Do something else that ignites interest in you.

·        Let It Come Back:

Your idea will eventually come back to you apart from when you are thinking about it. Now when the idea comes to you, you would have a fresh mind to think about it. You will now be able to work on this idea with newfound energy and fresh perspective.

·        Share Your Idea:

Now that you have an idea which you have thoroughly put your mind to, ask someone else for feedback. As long as you don’t put your idea out in the world, you won’t get to know if it will work or not. So, for the next step, get someone else to have a look at your idea and then ask for their constructive criticism. This will essentially help in thinking of the changes that could be made to make your idea better than it already is. It will also help you see the loopholes you might have overlooked when thinking of the idea.

Some Practices that Would Unleash Your Creative Side

  • Change your outlook of the world. Everything around is moving fast nowadays, everyone has a clock ticking over their head all the time. Instead of feeling pressured by things, try to change your viewpoint of the world. Look at the world with a new and fresh perspective.
  • Instead of saying no to things that you find difficult, say yes more often. This attitude paves the way for new experiences and new experiences bring more opportunities for being creative.
  • Do not imitate the people around you. Conformity kills creativity. It is okay to be different than to be like everyone else.

Final Words:

There is no one formula that you can adhere to and magically turn into a creative genius. Rather, make it a way of life and see the change for yourself.

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