Eicher 380 Tractor Top Model – Price and Features in India

Eicher 380 Tractor Available in India

Eicher 380 is the best tractor model in India, which comes with high-quality features. This tractor has all these high-level features which required for productive farming. It is a 40 hp tractor model, designed with 3-cylinders and a 2500 CC engine. This tractor model is very powerful as it has a strong engine and innovative features. Both facilities make this tractor a perfect example of versatility. The tractor is versatile and durable, which highly performs all the farming applications. Due to all these innovative features, the tractor became famous. In the agriculture sector, the tractor has a special place because of its excellent qualities. 

Eicher 380 Tractor – Engine Capacity 

Eicher 380 is a highly powered tractor as it comes with a strong engine. The strong engine comes with water-cooled, protecting the tractor and tractor’s internal system from overheating. Moreover, the tractor provides high mileage and fuel efficiency, making it a money saver among the farmers. 

In addition, the tractor is loaded with an oil bath air filter, keeping the tractor’s system dust free and clean, resulting in longer life. Indian farmers get high output and earn good money because of its excellent qualities. This tractor comes with such best features or qualities still, Eicher 380 tractor price is very much cost effective for Indian Farmers. 

Eicher 380 Tractor – Innovative Features

The below-mentioned Eicher 380 features provide higher yield production. 

  • It offers a combination of constant & sliding mesh with a single or dual-clutch, which offers an easy operating system. 
  • It comes with Dry Disc or Oil Immersed Brakes, which protect the operator from slippage and harmful accidents. 
  • The fuel tank capacity of the tractor is 45 litre which is quite large, which helps in long hours of operations.

Along with this Eicher 380 tractor price is Rs. 5.60 Lakh* – 5.80 Lakh*. This tractor is very cost-effective and budget-friendly for Indian Farmers.

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