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Digital parenting is a new skill in which parents supervise their child’s digital world. The new generations are going digital in every segment of life. Either it’s making friends or doing groceries. its education or learning skills. Either playing games or making relationships. Everything is on smartphones, a tap away. This is quite exciting if it stays here. But there are also lows of the online world.

Children are demanding cell phones as early as they are 9-10 years old. This is very difficult for parents to deny access to cell phones to their children. So parents must find a way to check the children’s activities on the android cell phone. This digital flood loosens the grip of parents on children. Cell phones and social media are private zones for children. They dislike the idea of sharing their private space.

TheOneSpy Phone Spy App is the easiest method for monitoring children. There are plenty of spying applications in the market. The TheOneSpy app is one of the best cell phone tracking applications. It has unique features which track all activities on the target cell phone. Parents can have a better understanding of their children by using this application.

Concerns of the Parents.

There are several Cyberthreats for children. Children being not mature enough, cannot make wiser decisions. They can victimize and fell into awkward situations. Some of the addictions are:

  • Gambling
  • Watching Porn
  • Sexting
  • Online dating
  • Cyber bullying
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sharing explicit images.
  • Drugs Addiction

The problem is that all these threats are in the virtual world behind closed doors. Parents who are very aggressive towards these threats in real life have no idea of these events. Children out of shyness and scariness do no inform parents about it. Finally, they got themselves deep into these problems. Kids usually lie about their illegal activities upon asking. These are not normal situations. These events can leave irreversible impacts on teen’s lives.

How Parental Control app can help parents?

TheOneSpy is a complete parental control and monitoring software. Its features are quite effective and ease the lives of worrisome parents. This tracking app not only monitors the activities but also gives control to the parents. Some of the exciting features are as under:

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Real-Time GPS location

Parents can use this feature if the child likes to stay out of the house for longer periods. This will let the parents know the exact real-time location. Parents can also check the route to that location. Moreover, parents can put restricted zones on the map. So, the parental control app will let the parents know when there is a movement breach.

SMS monitoring

If parents think that their child is talking to strangers, they can use this feature to check. , parents will also know that what kind of discussions are happening.

Social Media Monitoring.

Social Media is the most dangerous of all the Cyber threats. Online dating, gambling, relationships are all there on social media. This feature can help to track the kid’s activities on social media.

Web browsing history

If the parents are doubtful about the porn addiction of their child, this feature will zoom into the matter and let them know the exact situation. Parents can check the website browsing history along with the time and date stamp.

Surround recording.

This is a well-engineered feature that can trigger the microphone of the target device. This enables parents to listen to voices and sounds near to the phone. Parents can listen to the conversations near the target cell phone.

There are other exciting features that empower parents to know everything. It depends on the problem parents are facing. The installation procedure of the TheOneSpy app is simple. The user needs one-time physical access to the target device from greenhatfiles. The data of locations, call recordings and other information is available in an online web portal. The online web dashboard is a convenient environment to listen to the recordings. This dashboard is more like an Operations and Monitoring center. The parental control app is the best solution for a child’s safety and protection. Parents should use this facility whenever they notice bad signs in their children.

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