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7 Flower Facts That Everyone Must Know

Flowers are considered the most meaningful gift item for any occasion. Flower varieties have a particular meaning that makes them different from one another. Flowers can genuinely express deep emotions and meaning, and gifting a bouquet is often considered a significant part. Flower are also considered pure and symbolize innocence and honesty. 

Whether it’s a wedding day or wishing an anniversary to your loved ones, flowers are the best way to show them how much you respect their presence in your life. If you go on a date for the first time and want to keep a lasting impression on your partner’s face, flowers are always the best idea.

Many flower options can perfectly fit the occasion and any situation. Also, flowers are said to be the real wonders of our minds and soul. It has deep meanings hidden behind which we often ignore. The meanings and the facts associated with each kind of flower make it way more beautiful than you can think of. Whether it’s birthday, anniversaries, or date night, flowers are always the best option. 

Flowers are often said to represent beauty, honesty, and sincerity and the one that can brighten anyone’s day. Here are some amazing flower facts that you need to know

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Facts on Carnations

Carnation’s history tracebacks to ancient Greek and Roman times. Christians believed that the first carnation bloomed on the earth when Mother Mary cried for Jesus when she came out to know he had to carry his cross. Also, the meaning of carnations includes fascination, distinction and love. 

Facts on Orchids

Orchids are generally considered as the symbol of love, strength and wealth. One fun fact about orchids is that according to ancient Greek mythology, orchids are considered as a symbol of virility. They believed that the gender of an unborn child could be determined by eating orchid tubers. So, if a man consumed large orchid tubers, his wife would give birth to a boy. You can also order orchids flowers online at affordable prices to surprise your loved ones on special occasions. 

Facts on Lilies

Lilies are one of the most popular flowers on earth, found in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. They have large petals that can be white, yellow, orange, red and purple. A fun fact about lilies is that in countries like Japan and China, lilies are considered the traditional symbol of good luck. Lilies are also said to be one of the most common wedding flowers, and brides add lilies as part of their bouquet as it is considered to be very pure for new beginnings.

Facts on Roses

Roses have deep meanings associated with them. Each colour of roses has a different meaning. Besides red coloured roses that symbolizes love and romance, pink roses symbolize grace and elegance. Similarly, yellow roses depict friendship and cheer. Hence there are meanings associated with roses that make it even more astonishing. According to researchers, it is said that there are almost 150 varieties of roses that grow as shrubby plants, climbers and groundcovers. Gifting a bunch or bouquet of roses for Valentine or to your loved ones on special days is the way to show them the right amount of affection and love.

Facts on Sunflowers

Sunflowers have Greek origins. Different types of sunflowers range in sizes, and they are considered happy flowers. One fun fact about sunflowers is that they don’t follow the sun. Though their flowers move in the way to follow the sun’s arc across the sky each day when in bud phase but most stop by the time they flower. Sunflowers are also said to depict positivity and strength.

Facts about Tulips

Many flowers have hidden attributes. Tulips are the kind of the most beautiful flower that was originally considered as a wildflower growing in Central Asia. So, tulips were discovered in the mountains of Kazakhstan. Later it was bought to present-day Turkey and planted in the gardens of powerful people of the Ottoman Empire. It is said that the most common meaning of tulips is perfect and deep love. There are also different kinds of Tulips that comes in different colours. Like red tulips are the hue of choice to express you are deeply in love. So red tulips are considered to be the best gift to surprise your loved ones.

Facts on Daisies

As we know, daisies are the most well-known flowers around the World, where they brighten up wild fields and cultivated landscapes. Daisies can be found growing everywhere in every place. They are basically originated in Europe and temperate regions of Asia. One fun fact about daisies is that they are edible. Yes, daisies can be eaten. We see in restaurants where they garnish salads with daisies or petals of daisies. Also, it has medicinal properties.

Hence we know that flowers not only fascinate us and make us smile, but the history associated with each kind or variety of flower is significant. Flower delivery in Bangalore is now easily accessible where you can choose your favourite kind of flower. While gifting someone flowers on any occasion, it is important to know its hidden attributes. 

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