5 Ways Tobacco Packaging Influences Consumer Behaviour

According to the Surgeon General, more than 480,000 Americans die each year due to cigarette smoking. And while some experts are optimistic about the potential of electronic cigarettes, claiming they will lead to a decline in smoking rates, others are more cautious. However, regardless of your stance on tobacco products, it is undeniable that packaging has a significant impact on consumer behavior. The tobacco industry has long been criticized for its deceptive packaging that targets children. Tobacco companies have taken these criticisms to heart and are now redesigning their packages in hopes of undoing the damage done by past marketing campaigns.

The new, more informative packaging will include images on cigarette cartons as well a pre-roll box with graphics about how smoking harms some things. While some people feel the new design is overly simplistic or even patronizing, others believe it will help reduce the number of smokers due to increased awareness. 

Packaging colors make a difference

Packaging is more than just a container. If you have two products that look exactly the same but one is in a blue package and one is in a red package, people will perceive the blue one as being of higher quality. The same goes for clothes. If you have a pair of blue jeans in red drawstrings and the same pair in black drawstrings, people are much more likely to notice the black pair. Every pop culture phenomenon can be traced back to an underlying psychological principle that remains imprinted on our collective conscious. For marketers, however, the packaging of different products sets different expectations and influences consumer behavior, which is quantifiable.

The big assumption marketers make is that, just like movies, products can be smoother and resemble one another more to evoke an image of uniformity. But sometimes that’s not the case. Sometimes the packaging of the product is so distinctive that if someone is not familiar with the brand, even a quick Google search would provide the answer.

Packaging shapes influence consumer behavior

 In a study conducted they found that how a product is packaged can influence the way consumers behave. They found that when given the option between two identical products, one in a round container and one in a square container, consumers were more likely to choose the product in a round container. This is the first study that shows that packaging has an immediate effect on the quality of a product. When people see this, they know what they are getting. This supports the idea that e-cigarette companies should market their product as something new and different instead of just another tobacco product. People who use e-cigarettes are not always smokers. They are part of a new group that is all about the idea of “clean” stashes for vaping.

New tobacco products are good because many people use them as nicotine replacement therapy. People buy in stores or online. One kind of new nicotinic compound, which is novel, has been shown to help people quit smoking cigarettes. It is estimated that many people in the country use e-cigarettes as part of their strategy for harm reduction. But even with new and innovative tobacco products, there are still black-market ones available. That is because there is a lot of demand for tobacco products and many people vape. The role of new and used tobacco products in a harm reduction strategy is very important because almost 1 billion people use these products worldwide.

There are some items not for people but are very much new.

Instead of stretching the limits of the unregulated acts the vaping is happy to focus on regulation and quality across the globe vaping products. This means that we only sell products and e-cigs that have gone through strict quality checks by a qualified inspector, unlike gimmicky products from the market that have flooded the market.

Packaging material influences consumer behavior

Packaging is what you put on a product before selling it. It can help people to pick up the product, and to know how much they should pay for it. Packaging should be attractive and easy to use. Packaging should also come in good design so that it matches the brand’s identity and makes people feel sure, trustful, and comfortable with the company.

Some of the themes we see repeatedly in consumer review sites around tobacco products are:

Price and convenience

Uniqueness (differing styles, flavors, etc.)

Ease of use

Ease of selection


In consumer products, certain features are more appealing. They make the product better, so when someone chooses a product they will want these features. One way to get a consumer’s attention is by being close to them. The government should put warnings on cigarettes. Warnings should be about how smoking is bad for your health. And they should show what will happen if you smoke that brand of cigarette. The warnings should also tell people the long-term effects that it has on their health and show images of what can happen to your body if you keep smoking cigarettes.

Packaging transparency influences consumer behavior

A new study shows that people like packages that are transparent and honest. People like packages where they know what the product is and how people gonna use it. Brand influences all aspects of a consumer’s purchasing decisions. It includes where the product goes in their shopping cart and what they will and will not consider purchasing

If you want more people to buy your product, then show it to as many people as possible. Packaging can help with this. Your packaging should be tall and have a lot of visual impacts so that the customer will remember it. This way, they can put it in their cart safely. If you don’t want people to know how much your product costs, put it on the outside of the package. This will make them more likely to buy it.

You want to show people your boxes. They are important in the buying process. Some people prefer real wholesale kraft boxes when purchasing a product, and they want them in different sizes. This is because most people consider box size when buying something.


Despite the marketing with products the consumer behavior constantly shifts. This is due to the emerging new technologies, market fluctuations, and changes in the economic environment. Consequently, this makes marketers do constant research on consumer behavior. Within these studies, behavioral anomalies are common that require further investigation to analyze consumer habits properly.

Researching consumer behavior can help companies understand why people buy their product instead of other brands, what influences them to buy more or less, how they use it etc. This helps companies create better products that are good in designed according to consumer needs.  

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