7 Tips to Make Your Custom Chocolate Boxes Spellbinding for the Customers

The most appetizing and sweet confection product is chocolates. And hardly few people in the world do not like chocolates; otherwise, it is the best mood-changer for all group ages of people. Chocolate brands pay lots of attention to introducing their new and delicious flavors day by day. With the unforgettable confectionary taste, the appearance of your chocolate must be attractive and bewitching. So, let see why chocolates need custom chocolate boxes to pack them. 

Why does Chocolate Need Custom Packaging?

Chocolates are sensitive and easily melting products; that’s why they require durable quality packaging boxes. Plus, many more reasons create the need for using an apple-eye style and quality cardstock for custom chocolate boxes. So, let’s take a hasty overview of the reasons that provide the need for chocolate boxes.  

  • Pack your chocolates securely with enhanced packaging style. 
  • Increase the branding and promotion of your company through printed chocolate boxes. 
  • Build worth able and charming gift chocolate boxes for your events and favor. 
  • Partitions protect your chocolate from mixing flavors and de-shaping of bars in the box. 

Now it’s time to find seven tips that make your chocolate box packaging engrossing and standout in the industry. 

Use unique shapes for Chocolate Box Packaging 

Our first step is to opt for quirky styles and shapes for custom chocolate boxes packaging. The use of these shapes and style assist you to establish their distinctive identity in the pool of competitors. In this regard, you can use multiple enlisting styles and shapes to pack your chocolate in a presentable way. 

  • Double lock wall lid 
  • Coopered lid boxes
  • 1-2-3 auto bottom boxes 
  • Four corner boxes
  • 2-pieces boxes 
  • Double lock front boxes 
  • Seal-end boxes 
  • Pyramid-shaped boxes 
  • Gable shaped boxes 
  • Diamond-shaped boxes 
  • Hexagon boxes 
  • Pillow shaped boxes 
  • Cylindrical shaped boxes
  • Suitcase boxes 
  • Sleeves boxes 

The used custom sleeve boxes to pack chocolate is an awesome and splendid idea. It provides easy unboxing and durability to protect your chocolate from damage. If you need detailed info so, you can read this:
Incredible Use of Sleeves Boxes to Protect Your Sensitive Products

Insertion of Embellishments in Your Chocolate Box  

The insertion of embellishments on the chocolate boxes is like icing on the cake, making them more worthy. So, add decorating material and objects to your custom chocolate boxes packaging to make them perfect for your audiences.  In this regard, you pick any option for your branded chocolate box that is explained below for you. 

  • Flowers 
  • Ribbon 
  • Laces
  • Button 
  • Personalized inserts 
  • Beads 
  • Glitter tapes 
  • Nut cloth 
  • Butterfly 
  • Bunches 
  • Sequin and pollen grains 

Chocolate brands all these things as per the requirement of the design that they finalize for gift chocolate boxes. This chocolate packaging offers the major opportunity to the brand for boos their sales on events and festivals like Christmas, weddings, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and New Year parties. 

Foil Stamping for Printing Brand Content

The touch of retro and vintage packaging design makes your chocolate box packaging elegant. Apart from this, printed chocolate boxes are the titillating way to communicate your brand message and recognition to your target audiences. So, the use of foil stamping for this purpose is the right and affordable choice for you. 

On the other hand, you have the choice to use fully metalized, but it is quite expensive for you. Therefore, you can use foil stamping to print your brand specification on your box. You can print the logo, brand name, flavor, and many other options on your chocolate boxes. 

Addition of PVC window Cutouts in the Lid of Your chocolate Boxes

Well, if cardboard boxes for chocolates offer the view of inside products for your target buyers, it grasps more attention for their users. To serve this purpose, the insertion of a PVC window in the lid or front side of your chocolate boxes is an amazing idea. It provides transparency of your products that is enough to build a large customers base. Add to this; you may choose a single-sided window and a double-sided window for your boxes. 

Pick Catchy and Sparkling Color for your Chocolate boxes 

The magic of colors provides a chic look of your chocolates for your target audiences. The colors assist your product’s box to hypnotize that customer’s eyes from a long distance. Moreover, you can choose the best-desired color combination for your custom printed chocolate boxes to represent your brand. Well, the selection of colors for chocolate boxes is based on dark and bold colors like black, red, brown, burgundy, and purple. So, you can choose your desired color by using CMYK and PMS color models. 

Give Glossy, Matte, and Shiny Look to Your Chocolate Box 

The use of an add-on more polished the surface of your chocolate boxes. The glossy, shiny, and matte look captivate a large number of users. So, it’s all depends on you what effect you can give to make your chocolate boxes worthy. 

Use Readable and Stylish Font style for your Chocolate Boxes

The use of readable and stylish font style for your custom chocolate packaging works superbly to understand your brand motive and engage your customers. Plus, the use of alluring and unique font style for printing your brand specification provides the unique to your brand, and no one clam to user their font style and sizes. Also, you can buy two or 3 sizes for printing text on your chocolate packaging. The large size is best to print logo and brand name, and medium or small size work to print other specifications like price, dates, and ingredients.  

Now Your Chocolate Box is ready to Pack Your Luscious Chocolates 

So, after designing all the points as mentioned above must take a 3D mockups sample of your chocolate boxes to finalize for bulk printing. Once you can desire all the elements, your custom chocolate box is ready to pack your chocolates and land on the retailer shelves. So, I hope you can make perfect and up-to-the-mark chocolate cases with customized packaging solutions for your brand.

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